6th Anniversary

Another year down for Cade and I. It’s hard to believe that this is our 6th year of marriage, let alone that we’ve lived together for 7 years and known each other for 9 years. Last year seemed pretty darn huge; 5 years feels like you’ve finally reached that established going-to-be-together-forever status, so I think each year until the 10th anniversary will just blow my mind in the sense that we’ll be that much closer to the decade mark.

With the theme that we so fondly refer to as “the curse,” both of us were incredibly busy the week of our anniversary. It never seems to fail that things get hectic right before our anniversary, so much so that we barely see each other during the week and take a few hours on Friday to have a date. This year, Cade actually was able to get home at a good time Friday night, but I had an event on campus that didn’t finish until 5:30pm, then it took almost 1.5 hours to get home (5:30pm is the perfect time to get stuck in rush hour traffic). But, regardless, we accepted my lateness as “the curse” doing its thing and moved into our date night around 7pm.

If you remember from last year, we went to a tapas place close by called Dali. The initial plan was to complete this triangle of restaurants on an intersection close to us, going to each on for the three years we plan to be in Boston. However, when we looked into how much the other two were going to cost, we decided that wouldn’t be the most financially smart decision. So, we opted for another place that was more in our price range but was still new and exciting, Atwood’s Tavern. As is usual for us, we got some yummy beers and indulged in some burgers.

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Keeping with tradition, we continued our anniversary celebration the next day by getting the holiday drinks at Starbucks for our Saturday coffee. One of the good things about having your anniversary the day before Halloween is taking advantage of the holiday goodies along with the typical anniversary festivities. This year, the featured drink was the Frappula Creme Frappuccino. It was adorable too, the barista got excited about me ordering the drinks, drew a little ghost on the cup along with “Boo!”, and added a sticker of fanged teeth.














Even though “the curse” continued to prevail and we changed up our restaurant plan, it turned out to be another successful anniversary. Here’s to 6 years and many more to come!