Somerville Castle

As I’m sure you know, Cade and I love to travel and that includes exploring the area around us, as well. You definitely don’t have to go super far to have an adventure, and this especially true when you live in a big city like we do. Ever since we moved to Cambridge, we noticed that there was this building that looked like a castle in the distance in Somerville, the town just next to us. For months, we just kept noticing this castle off in the distance, standing high above everything else around it. We talked about going for quite some time and recently, finally, decided to go check it out.

As also comes with our adventures, we always use them as an excuse to get some coffee or check out a new restaurant, and this time was no different. I looked around the area and found a cafe, Bloc 11, that we had never been to and decided we needed to go on our way to the castle. While need is a stretch, we were able to try some new drinks. Cade got some coffee soda deal that I was really unsure about. Glad we tried it, but I don’t imagine I’ll be going out for another any time soon. And, I got a Lime Rickey, which was a soda with lime and raspberry. It also was new for me and was delicious. It’s one I would gladly get again.

Anyways, the Somerville castle that we were out searching for is actually the Prospect Hill Monument, which was a prominent structure for the Revolutionary War. An interesting fact about this location is that it’s the first place to raise the American flag. I didn’t know this until after we went, but it’s pretty exciting to have stood at the place where our flag first flew. Today, the castle still stands and the surrounding area is a park. With it being on top of a hill, it gives way to amazing views of Cambridge, Somerville, and Boston. Hence, why they chose to build it here. We chose a great day; the sun was shining and it was the perfect temperature. Check off another item on the Boston Bucket List and another piece of history we got to visit!

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