Taste of Tippecanoe

Before the big move out east, Cade and I decided to create a bucket list of all the things we wanted to do in Lafayette before moving. This included things that we had never done and things that we wanted to do one more time. The first on the list was the Taste of Tippecanoe. We had never been to this but had heard good things, so we decided that it was time to try it out.

This adventure didn’t start off on the best foot. We had to buy tickets before the date online (well, we didn’t have to, but it was substantially cheaper than buying at the gate), and the forecast was doing the typical saying one day that it’ll be raining and the next it won’t. So, waiting up until the last moment and the forecast being on the it won’t rain side of the fence, we decided to buy the tickets. And, when the day came…it rained..right when we got there. So, like I said, not the best foot to get off on. So, we waited under the awning of a building for it to pass.20140621_204731

The thing about it raining, too, is that they also decided to close all of the ticket booth, which meant that no one could buy any food. If you’ve been to a taste or food festival before, you’re probably familiar with the system of instead of buying food with cash, you have to first pay for tickets, then use those to buy food. So, we were left with no tickets, which meant no food. And, as I’m sure anyone who was going to a taste would have done, we went hungry. Luckily, I found a group of volunteers, and when asking them what was happening, they gave us a couple tickets they had left over. That allowed us to buy a BBQ sandwich to hold us over until the rain stopped.

While being super frustrating, the rain did pass. But, we were not done with the frustration..oh no, not just yet.

See, because of the rain, like I said, all of the ticket stands had closed down and the people at the gates had abandoned their post, leaving the police to man them. Since the police apparently didn’t understand the ways of the Taste, they were just letting people in the gates as long as you had a ticket. When the rain passed and we attempted to get into the beer garden, we discovered that we should have gotten wrist bands at the gate. We were them escorted by some lady, that had too many other things going on to notice the frustration building up in me and stopped every couple minutes to talk to staff, halfway through the taste (about 4 blocks) to the main entrance in order to get our oh so important wrist bands.

After this, someone decided that all that frustration was enough for us and we began to enjoy our night. While the food was quite good and from all local places, the beer garden had to be our favorite, 1) because we love beer, and 2) all the under 21’s couldn’t get in.  They also had a few stages for local bands to play, which was a nice additive to the feast.
20140621_210831 20140621_213050






I wish I could remember all of the delicious food and beer that we tried that night, but at this point I only have vague memories of the tastiness. This is one of the many faults in writing posts way later than the actual event.

After we wined and dined (I actually did have some amazing wine that I can remember the name of – Reggae, from Indianapolis. Look it up, good stuff!), they set off fireworks over the river. And even though it was beginning to rain again, it was quite a nice way to end the evening.

Picture of bridge we watched the fireworks from

20140621_224839 20140621_225422

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