The Ivy Leagues do Football

Keeping with our current sport theme, Cade and I wanted to go to a Harvard football game. Initially we had looked into going to the game against Yale, which is just referred to as “The Game” around here. The Harvard and Yale rivalry apparently goes way back and is the first sports rivalry in the US. Pretty big deal, but when we looked into tickets they were quite expensive and all the good seats were gone, so we made the decision to wait it out until the play again in Cambridge two years from now. In the mean time, we still wanted to see a football game and decided that the game versus Columbia would be a good compromise. We have a bit of a grudge with Columbia…well, Cade more than I. He didn’t get accepted to their law program when he was applying (I know, he had to settle for Harvard..poor thing), and I did get in (Ivy League win!), but they were difficult with me and I got the pleasure of turning them down for Boston College. Anyways, we were really hoping to see Harvard stomp Columbia at the game. The day came, and it was actually a gorgeous early November day..little cold but very sunny.20141108_125835 20141108_130357








Harvard got a touchdown very early into the first quarter and was way ahead by halftime. Columbia still hadn’t scored…hehehe! At halftime, I got us a pop and went a little more healthy with some chicken tenders and fries…mmmm, stadium food. The bands from both schools also performed during halftime. I won’t go into much detail about them, because they seemed as though some kind of serious staph infection had reached their brains and they were going mad. Yup, that’s the best way to describe their performances…very confusing. Then the second half began, and Harvard scored a few more times.20141108_132931 20141108_135738 20141108_142911













In the end, Columbia wasn’t able to score at all..a total shutout! Talk about a sweet revenge game for us! Although I’m a pretty competitive person, I don’t really like to see shutouts, because they can get really boring and feel bad for the, let them score once. But, I guess I can appreciate the sweetness that I’m sure Cade gained from the shutout.







After the game, they let everyone come down to the field, which we took advantage of. During the game I was talking to Cade about how the field seemed much smaller than it looks on TV and wondered if college fields are smaller than the NFL. We found out that they are the same size and once you get down on the field and look down it from one end, it sure does change your perspective. I then understood the size!20141108_161818







We also had to get a picture of ourselves, as we typically do to document how we change through our events and lives. 20141108_162231






I’ll leave you with a picture that I love from the stadium. The Harvard stadium looks just like the Colosseum, and the pillars are just so pretty.20141108_161442

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