The Museum of Fine Arts

Cade and I have a list going of places that we’d like to visit in Boston. We were able to knock quite a few off during our first month of living here, before classes started..see:

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..but it seems to grow a little faster than we can do them. It became even harder once classes started, but over the holiday break we were able to get to the Museum of Fine Arts. One of the pushing drives behind this was that I had seen advertisements for a Goya exhibit that the museum was going to have until January 19th. Since I had seen many of his paintings at the Prado when I was in Spain, I wanted to see them again and show Cade. So with the little extra down time, we headed over to the museum. 20150110_133314






For some reason, it was insanely busy the day we chose to go. We looked to see if there was anything special happening that we weren’t aware of, and we still think that maybe it was just other people taking advantage of the holiday break as well…maybe the Goya exhibit, but it had been out for a couple months now. Anyways, there was plenty to see. Once we got our tickets, we headed to the Goya exhibit to see if we could knock it out first. And..there was an insanely long line. So, we decided that would maybe wait til the end. The museum had five different sections of art split between three floors – Art of the Ancient World, Art of the Americas, Art of Europe, Contemporary Art, and Art of Asia, Oceania, and Africa. My favorite was probably the Art of Europe section. This might be in part because I’ve actually studied European art, so I tend to “get” their artwork a bit more. But, the Ancient World section was pretty cool, too. Again, I really like to look at Mayan and Aztec pieces, partly because I’ve studied it, and therefore, can understand it more. The Contemporary Art section was pretty interesting. This is probably the part of the museum that I “got” the least, but some of it was just interesting to look at. 20150110_140312 20150110_163845












Another special exhibit that I found particularly interesting was Posters from World War I. They had multiple ones from several countries, including the US, Germany, Great Britain, and Russia.20150110_141903 20150110_142248







After about an hour of being in the museum, both of us were super hungry. Cade says that he thinks we subconsciously get hungry while we’re on outings so we can have some special food out. I tend to agree with him. I think my side of it is a mixture of my conscious trying to be logical in wanting to plan and eat before leaving or bring snacks, then my subconscious makes me forget to do either. 🙂

Either way, we decided to get some lunch while we were in the museum. There was one area in the rotunda on the main floor that had a ton of seating that looked nice. On a closer look, we noticed that it looked too nice for our poor wallets. So, we looked more at the directory and found a place called Garden Cafeteria. When you put the word cafeteria in the name, it usually lowers it enough to be in our price range. The funny part about it was that it was in the basement, and as we got closer you could hear the small children yelling and crying. We knew we were in the right place for us. After getting some (still overpriced) chicken fingers and hotdog in our bellies, we continued on with seeing the artwork.

We checked back on the Goya exhibit..still pretty busy, but we decided to go ahead, because we weren’t going to leave without seeing it. So, after waiting for about 30 minutes, we finally got to the exhibit…which was jam packed! As we made our way through the crowd, I noticed that a bunch of the paintings were just his original sketches. So, we trudged on to the actual artwork…and trudged on…and the end. Okay, I will say that seeing his original sketches was pretty cool..never seen them before. However, they had only about a handful of big paintings and none that I remember seeing at the Prado. So, overall I was greatly disappointed. I really wanted to see the Black Paintings that he’s so famous for and again, show Cade what I saw and studied. I assumed those would have absolutely made it into the exhibit, especially because the name of the exhibit was “Goya: Order and Disorder.” Both Cade and I, based on the name, expected the paintings to take us through the progression of Goya’s “order” to “disorder.”20150110_154735






But, I’ll get off that disappointed rant. It was still nice to see the sketches and the couple of paintings that they had. Overall, the museum was pretty interesting and very pretty inside. If you ever go, 1) give yourself a good chunk of time; it wasn’t a small museum, and 2) unless you’re a student (who gets in free, yay!), be prepared to pay a bit for it; it’s $25 for adults. I’d definitely like to go back, especially since we can get it for free, to spend more time where we were a bit rushed.20150110_14211920150110_163247

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  1. That looks like fun. Providing there is ever a good time for me to come see you guys (when 80 inches of snow is gone, of course) I definitely want to go to a museum. Not a children’s one either. That’s about the extent of my culture. 😉

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