The Wife has Returned

Welcome back after a long break! You might have noticed that the blog got an upgraded design. I’m still trying to work out the layout, but let me know what you think. Is this theme easier to navigate? Do you think this an improvement or do you like the previous one more?

Backing up to summer (I know, already feels like a long time ago), Cade and I spent almost 10 weeks apart while he was interning in Denver. As with any long distance relationship, especially one where you’ve been living together for seven years, it’s a pretty hard transition. We both had moments where we struggled and missed each other, but it was also a fantastic opportunity to grow as individuals and I, at least, ended up enjoying having some time just for myself. And, after the long period apart I got to have a vacation out in Denver and spend some fun exploring time with Cade! Also, as many of you know, the relaxation of this trip was even nicer after spending time in the hospital with my family due to my little brother having an accident. (Update: he’s doing amazingly! Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers!)

So, after landing in Denver and taking the long bus ride into the city, what’s the first thing on the agenda?….beer, of course! Literally across the street from the bus depot was one of Cade’s local brewery finds, Wynkoop Brewery. So, without surprise, my first experience in Denver was a local brew.20150718_15534320150718_155222







For the rest of the evening, we took it easy, as I was tired from spending four days in a hospital then traveling and Cade from his past incredibly busy few days with work. But, Cade had a bit of a shocker with getting so used to not having the wife around. His man cave at the apartment he was sharing quickly turned back into his old, shared, chain and ball abode.

The next day, Cade had to work a half day, so we just stuck around the city and did a couple tours. First up was the Hammond’s Candy Factory. This was a quick 30 minute tour, but followed through in the excitement of seeing candy made, then getting samples at the end.
20150730_141700 20150730_141804 20150730_143423


As you can tell, we certainly left happy!

Next up was another brewery!..shocking, I know. This time, we checked out Great Divide Brewery, which had lots of beers with very cool names. Although some included Yeti, Nomad, and Titan IPA, we chose to try White Water Wheat, which was very good.








After having some beer, you gotta have some food, which lead us to a restaurant not far that used to be a brothel, named Ophelia’s. It had a very modern, eclectic type feel but still had elements of the brothel remaining. We got a couple of their specials, and….more beer!





To finish out the night, Cade took me to an ice cream place he had tried over the summer, called Little Man. This was a must see since their building is a giant milk jug! Their ice cream was pretty amazing too, but come on, a milk jug!

20150621_161737 20150730_184406







With our full bellies of food, ice cream, and beer, we headed back to the apartment to relax and get ready for more adventures.


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