Three Wigs..and Counting

Right before the holidays, I decided to bite the bullet and find a place to get my hair cut here in Boston. I was really bummed when we moved, because I had found a girl in Lafayette that I loved and she always made my hair look fantastic. I knew when we moved that it would probably be a struggle to find someone that I really liked and had avoided it for several months. But, finally, my hair looked like a ragged mess, and I knew it was time to put my big girl britches on. Also, with everything costing so much around here I took to Groupon to help me narrow down my options. Maybe not the best choice since cheaper sometimes means very bad haircut, but I wanted to at least try, because if I could find somewhere less expensive and get a good haircut, it’d just make my life (at least my life while we’re living in Boston). Luckily, I found a Groupon at a salon super close to us for only $30 and decided to take it.

After I procrastinated some more on calling to schedule an appointment, I wavered between getting a trim and donating my hair. I’ve donated my hair in the past (twice), so I knew how much they would take off. I also thought about how the end of my hair was a little on the fried side and had decided going into the appointment that I would just get a few inches trimmed off, wait for my hair to grow back (hopefully, more healthy), then donate it. Then, my actual appointment came…

That morning I was still contemplating, but told Cade that I would just stick with the trim and donate it later. When I arrived, first, the girl was super nice and listened to what I have to say..point #1. She also offered me a drink, washed my hair, and gave me a couple minute scalp massage..points #2 and #3. Then, when I sat in the chair and we starting talking more about what cut I wanted she asked the question…have you thought about donating your hair? A month of going back and forth and deciding went out the window. She even went on about how pretty my hair was and was shocked when I told her that my ombre, summer-bleached ends were not fake. So, after some wooing, I decided to go for it. It’s only hair, right, and it’ll grow back…did the other two times I donated it.

So, for my third time donating hair, I was far less shocked when she brushed my hair forward, revealing all of the locks that were no longer attached to my head.  Leaving, I also felt such a sense of confidence in how I was able to chop a ton of hair off and feel amazing about taking a risk. And, as for the cheaper haircut equaling a bad job…not the case with this girl. I’m sure their full-price cuts are far more expensive than the deal I had, but she was good enough that I’ll definitely be going back to her. I might just have to save and only go twice a year.

I didn’t think to take a before picture, with the whole spur of the moment, not planned aspect. But, here is one that was taken about a month before the haircut (yay, revisiting Alyssa’s visit out here!), then the picture on the right is right after the haircut. Big difference taking 8 inches off!

20141115_151506 (2)20141217_123230

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  1. Massages of any kind always get points for sure!

    It’s always scary when you have to find a new hair person. Thankfully I have not had to do it often, since Lisa was around for so long. But there is always that anxiety of how it will be.

    But in the end, it’s only hair, and you can’t be afraid to play with it. My motto is that changing your hair color and cut is cheaper than therapy.

    Yours looks great!

    PS…I didn’t know you had a friend visit…how cool!

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