Trails and Sushi

Continuing with our Lafayette bucket list, Cade and I set out to take on one of the trails in town..Happy Hallow. I had been to Happy Hallow several times with some of my little clients and taken the trails with them. But, Cade had never been and I was convinced that this would be something that he would enjoy. So, on a very nice Wednesday evening we set out to take on one of the trails. Even though I had been on these trails, I had never actually finished any of them…I had to always keep some little legs in mind and how quickly they would become tired.

We chose to do the trail that was actually part of the larger Wabash Heritage Trail (which is a total of 13 miles long, so thank goodness it was only a small percentage of that). As I said, it was a gorgeous summer day, and it allowed for an amazing walk. Here are some of my favorite pictures from it:












After we completed the trail (the first picture was actually the end for us, since we started in the park) and returned back, we headed off to get some sushi at Heisei.

Again, this was a restaurant that I had been to thanks to some work friends that introduced me to it. But, Cade had not been and is a huge sushi lover. A couple of cool things about this restaurant is that along with regular seating, they have about half the floor raised so you can sit on the floor while eating your meal. I was all about this, because 1) I love to sit on the floor and 2) I love having my shoes off, which they make you do to be in this area..even the servers take their shoes off every time they walk on it. They also bring the sushi rolls in a big boat dish, which adds some fun to the meal.

20140723_171344 20140723_172626

The sushi chef also remembered me from the other couple of times that I had been with coworkers and was friends with one of them. He ended up sending us a on-the-house sushi roll. This could have been that he was nice and associates me with the friend we share, or he could have remembered that I gave him a pretty good tip last time he did this. 🙂

Either way, we had a fantastic time and treated ourselves to a lovely walk and a sushi dinner.

If you’re in the Lafayette, Indiana area and like being outdoors, they actually have quite a bit of parks and trails. Here are a couple links to the cities’ park websites:
West Lafayette Trails
Lafayette Trails

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