Trip to the Farmacia

Hola Todos,

Okay, so in typical stressful situations, I have to get a cold sore. So, I decided Monday to attempt going out to the pharmacy to see if I could hunt down some Lysine to take for the cold sore. One of my roommates, Rebecca, came with me too to get out of the house and help out. So, we stopped at one of the pharmacies and attempted to explain what I wanted to the woman. First thing to know, they do not have places for you to just look at meds here, at least not that I have found; you have to ask and they get it from behind the counter. So, I first tried just asking for Lysine (the word in English)…complete confusion. Then, I explained that it was a vitamin for skin health…still nothing. Then, I told her that I had a cold sore. She tried to sell me some topical stuff, but I told her that I prefer to take pills for it. This resulted in her thinking that I had the sexually transmitted type of herpes. Needless to say, I left empty handed. Later, I explained what I wanted to my host mom, Maria, and translated Lysine to Lisina. She then tried to take me to another pharmacy to help explain. This is when I found out that Lysine apparently does not exist in Spain. Crazy but I guess learned something new about this country and got some good practice. 🙂

Hasta Luego!

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