Up the Mountain We Shall Go

So, continuing with our trip to Seattle… On our third day, Cade and I took a trip to Mount Rainier, which is located about a couple hours south of Seattle itself. Since we did not have transportation for this far of a trip, we decided to book a tour with a company so they could take us out there. 🙂 After some serious research, which is the reliable song with my husband (love ya, silly!), we decided to go with Tour Northwest, and believe me, it was absolutely worth the like $200 some we paid for it. First, our tour guide, Lucinda, was amazing! Super nice, personal photographer, and surprised us with a snowshoeing adventure (I’ll get to more details on this). Some background on Mount Rainier: it’s located in the Mount Rainier National Park (go figure) and is an active volcano. While they predict that it will erupt at some point in the future, there hasn’t been any activity since 1894. With that being said, Mount Rainier is climbed (or at least attempted) by several thousand people each year, and about a week before we went a group of 6 climbers passed due to a ice ridge melting causing an avalanche. So, interesting timing and kind of a sad aura around the mountain as they were still attempting to find the bodies.  But, moving back to our happy adventure: again, the views were amazing!-  (681)-  (637)





-  (746)

With views like this, I probably would have been happy with just riding around in our little bus and taking tons of pictures. Oh, but no, Lucinda had more in mind for us. Like I said, she surprised us with snowshoeing. What I mean by surprise is that this was no where in the description for the tour and she waited until we got to Paradise (a stopping point along the mountain), where we would begin this journey, to pull them out and be like, “hey, if anyone wants to go snowshoeing, I’ll go with you as a group.” So, not only did we get this surprise adventure, but we got an instructor in snowshoeing included! Now, if you know much about me, I was absolutely ecstatic about this…kinda like when you promise a kid cake and they start bouncing, like they are struggling to contain their overabundance of joy (except I sometimes do this with cake too..). Anyway, I was so ready for this and excited to learn something new!-  (739)-  (738)
Obviously, we were no where near the top of the mountain at 14, 409 feet, but Lucinda estimated that we had passed 6,000 feet and it felt like we were pretty high up there, so the tiny climber side of me was completely satisfied.

Next, we went on a hike at the Grove of the Patriarchs, where they had very old and tall trees and a suspension bridge. This was such a nice way to begin finishing up our trip; she allowed us to go at our own pace and enjoy the scenery.

-  (811)-  (794)





-  (803)


So, as the theme seems to be, an amazing experience and highly advised if you’re in the area and maybe want some time outdoors with nature. I’ll absolutely remember this experience and am able to check two more things off my (humongous and constantly growing) bucket list with seeing an active volcano and snowshoeing!

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  1. Kelly, this sounds amazing. With the time that I’ve spent in the area I understand what you mean about the views. While we didn’t get to do any snow shoeing, Sliding down the side of Mount Baker was pretty awesome! Miss you and all of your stories!

    1. Doing some sliding down a mountain sounds very fun too! I’d definitely like to see the area that your mom lives in…the pictures you’ve shown me look amazing…especially that bridge out into the water. Miss having our long talks!

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