Vámonos de Tapas

Hola Todos,

For one of our class assignments we needed to make some tapas. So, tapas are a category of food that you typically eat while drink to prevent you from getting drunk. These are kind of like appetizers in America and are normally finger foods but not always…but super good.

Rebecca and I are in the same class, so we partnered up, while the other three rommies were together. We had empanadillas de atún, and the others had choriza in sidra and some seafood dish that I was pretty unsure of since it had squid tentacles in it. We all went to the market with Maria to get the items we needed. We went into one of the markets with tons of stuff, and the smell was so bad from all the meat that I felt like I was possibly going to throw up. They just put the meat up in the windows of the stand and hang legs…just way different from America.

But, all three tapas turned out really good, and we had tapas for dinner and a tapas party in between classes Wednesday. We also watched a video about tapas for class, and I absolutely love it!

Vámonos de Tapas

Hasta Luego!

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