Visit from Auntie, Part 2

As some of you might remember, Cade’s aunt came to visit us shortly after we moved to Boston when we showed her about Harvard and got spoiled with nice dinners and a boat ride. Well, a couple weekends ago she paid us another visit, just with a different agenda. While we certainly got spoiled again with a nice dinner, she was here looking for an apartment to move into. Over the past few months, she’s been working with her employer on getting a transfer, and they decided to move her to Boston. So, with her move quickly approaching, she made a little visit to the east coast to find herself a new pad. Unfortunately, Cade and I were pretty much in the middle of the semester, which equaled super busy. But, we managed to set aside our Sunday night during her visit to go check out some Italian food in the North End. Based on a couple of recommendations from my supervisor at my field placement, we decided on Benevento’s. In typical fashion, we had our fair share of wine and beer along with our amazingly delicious Italian eats. Afterwards, Cade and I decided that we had to take her to the famous Mike’s Pastry, especially since it was right around the corner. Mike’s Pastry is super famous in Boston for having the best cannolis along with plenty of other pastries to choose from. If you ever find yourself in the Boston area, this is a must..just be prepared to wait and don’t plan to find a table. Famous places are typically packed and, for reasons beyond my understanding, have hardly any seating. Either way, good stuff!11057389_10205104618829977_5414201470003208254_n20150308_21060020150308_213256











So, now we wait for her to move out here in April. We’ll then have a family member out here to spend time with and have in case of emergencies. Oh, any family, she has offered up some of her space to those visiting. Just keep that in mind for your future visits. 😉

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