Visit from Auntie

Right before our classes started, we got our first visitor, Cade’s Auntie. Lucky for us, she doesn’t live as far away as all the Indiana family, so she wanted to come see us before the craziness began.

Note: If you’re confused as to why the semester seems to have not started in my blog, you’re not crazy. I’m quite behind in writing these posts, and this one did in fact happen in August, before the semester started..I’m just now getting around to writing it up.

Anyways, his aunt came to check out our new home and spoil us to no end in the process. We showed her around Harvard, so she could see where her nephew was going to school, had some lunch at a local restaurant, then headed off for a river cruise along the Charles so she could get some nice views while sitting back and relaxing. Oh, she also wined and dined us…part of the spoilings, I guess. We didn’t make it done to Boston College to show off where I’m going to school, but that’ll be for the next trip. It was definitely a lovely experience, 1) to get some spoilings that we would not be able to give ourselves, and 2) to have some fun company around to enjoy our new home. Feel free to come visit us whenever you’d like Auntie!20140830_174108

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The gang
The gang

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