Weekend in Valencia

Hola Todos!

So, after all the host family drama and moving to a new home, Elizabeth, Lauren, Stephen, Santiago, and I all went to Valencia for the weekend. We took a charter bus and spent the night in a hostel named Red Nest.

The first night after arriving, we decided to walk to the beach, which actually turned out to be over an hour of walking. On the way we stopped at a small grocery store and bought some wine to take with us…most wine is very cheap here; we bought some for under 3 Euros each. After finally getting to the beach, we just chilled, drank wine, and talked…pretty much an awesome, relaxing time. We also ran into a group of students from Michigan State who were in Spain doing internships…small world (el mundo es un pañuelo)! Once it started to get dark, we ate at this cute restaurant just off the beach and had paella.

The next day, we decided to sight-see around the city. We went to so many places, including a few cathedrals, the plaza de toros, the mercado central, and the ciudad de las artes y las ciencias. During our outing, we ran into a group from Depaul University at one of the cathedrals…once again, small world. After doing all our sight-seeing, we went to a pub and had some amazing food, kind of American but still good. We also talked to three guys from Wales about fútbol…awesome accents! After that, we just hung out in a park/market area to wait for our bus home to leave. While sitting in the grass, we started to hear a group of people chanting something; we looked over and saw a group of naked people walking down the street…freaking crazy but hilarious!

Overall, an amazing weekend in Valencia with the roomies! Hasta luego!

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